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*California Marriage Battle Holds
   Lessons on Building Alliances
   Early and Remembering Where
   the Buck Stops in State
   Legislative Process

Organizing to Govern: Election
   '08 Recap and America's New

Previewing '08 General Election:
   Key Trends and Races to Watch

         Interview: The Young Turks

Letter from Ohio: Campaigns,
   Courage, Crisis, and Change

Wash. Gov. Gregoire, Razor-Thin
   Winner in '04, Repeats Support
   for Equality in Final Reelection

Conservative Domination of
   Federal Courts Puts Rights at
   Risk, Indicating Need for a
   Democratic President to Restore

Access, Honesty, and Integrity in
   State Elections Drive Several
   Candidates for Secretary of State

         Narrowly Elected in '06 Amid
           Allegations of Voter Cutoffs,
           Top Elections Officer in
           Colorado, a Republican,
           Draws Lawsuit for Cutting
           Off Voters in '08

         Federal Judge Orders Colo.
            Sec. of State Coffman to Stop
            Purging Voters on Election's

In Attacking Equal Marriage in
   California, LDS Church Embraces
   Anti-Mormon Extremists

         Memo from Mormon Church
            Leaders Urges Massive
            Donations Not for Hunger
            Relief or Health Care, But
            Rather to Eliminate Marriage
            Rights for Some in California

Election "Days" Already Under
   Way in October in 34 States
   and D.C.

         Rush Limbaugh Insults
           Americans Voting Early,
           Would Silence Their Voice
           and Supports Barriers
           Instead of Balloting

*Ohio College Awards New
   Scholarship Honoring Diversity
   and Commemorating LGBT

Nonprofits Steer Through Down
   Economy by Deepening Contact
   with Donors

Pop Quiz Profile: Hans Sounds
   Off on Politics, the Arts, and Life
   in Washington

In Triumph, Disability-Rights
   Coalition Pushes Bill Through
   Polarized Congress

Policy Record Puts Obama
   Ahead with Disability Voters

Advocate for Marriage Equality
   Turns Pain into Progress

Abuse of Power and America's
   Appointment with Change

         Interviews: Restoring
           Fairness to Judiciary and
           Federal Agencies, on
           GoLeftTV & RFK Jr.'s
           Ring of Fire Radio

Is Discrimination Putting a Dent
   In Michigan's Economy?

Party-Switching Trend Shows
   GOP Officials Joining Dems

Direct Voter Contact Increases
   Turnout: Disability Voters Make
   Bigotry Backfire Through
   Participation [.pdf file]

*Progressive Victory Forges
   New Partnership in Data [.pdf file]

Voting "No" Will Stop These
   Attacks on Fairness in 2008:
   Roundup of Hostile Ballot
   Measures: Updated 9-9-08
   [.pdf file]

Supporters Who Vote Are a
   Valuable Source of Giving to
   Nonprofits: Research [.pdf file]

To Win on Civil Rights, It's
   Not the Club but the Coalition
   that Counts

Hollywood Celebrates 30th
   Anniv. of Beating Briggs and
   Defeating Hate as New
   California Battle Looms

On-Stage Memoir of Showbiz
   and Politics Unites Labor,
   Latino, and LGBT Movements

California Ruling Extends
   Marriage, Gives Map to
   Outflank Extremists

Advocacy Campaign Targeting
   Anti-Union, Antigay Official
   Triggers Overdue Oversight

Workers and Health Care
   Consumers Have Stake in
   Union Nurses' Fight

From Kalamazoo, Quiet Force
   for Gay Rights and Racial
   Justice Uses Lever of Giving to
   Move the World

In Tour-de-Force Message,
   Obama Conveys Contradictions
   of America through Anecdote

*Voting By Mail Gains in
   Approval Among Americans

For '08 Dem Primaries in
   Mich. and Fla., Vote by Mail
   Is the Right Solution

         Letter to Govenors
           Granholm  and Crist
         Letter to Dem Chairman

Buckley Proved Erudition Is
   a Club That Still Admits Bigots

Obama Gains Lion's Share of
   Edwards Support, Now Clear
   Choice for Progressives Ready
   for Nov. Win

The Reagan Whom Many
   Republicans Conveniently

For Gay People, Is This
   A Teachable Moment in

Plummer Scholarship to
   Advance Respect and Inclusion
   Begins at Wooster After
   Surpassing Endowment Goal

College Announces
         Newly Endowed LGBT-
         Themed Scholarship

Report from Iowa: It's About
   Empowerment, not Entitlement

Primary Importance:
   Movements Get Set to Make
   Impact on Earliest Voting

Running, with Scissors: Fed
   Role in Voter Cutoffs Haunts
   Bush & GOP Hopefuls

AlterNet: Party Hacks Cut
        Voters from Lists

Bob Moser: Blueprint for a
   Big, Blue Tent Has Democrats
   Building Ranks and Winning

God, and Progressives, Save
   This Honorable Court!

War Failures Are Following
   GOP Candidates Home, Results
   in Special Elections Continue
   to Indicate

Progressive Politics Reflect
   Impact of Falwell's 30-Year

Trailblazing Congressman
   Taught Progressives
   How to Win and Deliver

In '07 Special Elections, 
   Democrats Still Showing

Red Ink and the Bush Legacy
   of 'Robin Hood in Reverse'

Chopping Bloch: For 3 Years,
   Bush's Special Counsel Has
   Made the Recent Firings of
   U.S. Attorneys Look Like
   Child's Play

Not So Smart, ALEC:
   Clan of Extremist Lawmakers
   Fails to Cover Its Tracks

Go For Broke: War Costs Hurt
   Americans But Serve Goal of
   Antitax Puritans

Restoring Fairness to the
   Bench Means Challenging
   Right-Wing Control

Fight to Recognize Gay
   Couples Shows Conservatives
   Now Falling Back on Courts

Labor Takes Lead Atoning
   for Bush Sin of Omission on
   New Orleans

Upon Her Shoulder:
   Women Claim More Power in
Government and Politics

Post-Election Analysis:
The Rise of Fairness Voters &
"The Math" of a New Majority

*Fight Over Michigan's Far
   Right Echoes Across Midwest

Far Right Has A Hand in
   'La Cage Au Foley'

Radio Interview

*Progressive Labor Leader
   Andy Stern Outlines Vision
   for 'A Country That Works'

Religious Freedom Has No
   Stronger Defender Than
   Longtime Reverend and
   Religious Right Foe
   Barry Lynn

Fleeing Extremists, Republican
   Electeds Jumping Ship to Join

Family of GOP Candidate
   Lashes Out At Company,
   Putting Dent in Michigan's

To Stop Mischief in Managing
   State Elections, Several '06
   Candidates Step Forward

Defeat of Ralph Reed Signals
   Progress in Peach State

Supreme Court Ruling Opens
   Door to Partisan Redistricting
in States

Extreme GOP Candidates
   Play On Prejudice

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*Election Law Blog

*Air America

*Faithful Democrats

*The Young Turks

*Support Equality

*The NAMES Project
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*Americans Who Tell
  the Truth












































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