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Noteworthy Victories by Progressive Candidates and Coalitions





        Ensuring Fair Elections: IA, MN, NV, NM, OH

        Raising State Minimum Wage: OH, AZ, CO, MO, MT, NV

        Stopping Tax Schemes That Hurt Public Services: ME, NE, WA

        Beating Antiabortion Attacks on Choice and Privacy: CA, OR, SD

        Derailing the Attack on Domestic Benefits and Marriage Equality: AZ

        Sweep in New Hampshire

        Switch in Iowa

        Resurgence of Progressives in Missouri 

        Defeat of Far-Right, Anti-Immigrant Candidates in Arizona


"Webb Victory Signals Changing Political Landscape of Virginia"

              *"Anti-Sprawl, Pro-Civil Rights Candidate Beats Ideologue in Virginia State Senate Special"       
        Wisconsin Students, Opposing Antigay Measure, Turn Out to Oust Conservatives


"Strong Statewide Coalition Upholds Human-Rights Law, Rejects Repeal Question"


"Suburban Special-Election Win Gives Dems Extra Reason for Thanksgiving"

*"Progressives Turn the Tables On Right Wing in St. Cloud Victories"


*"Broad Coalition Rebuffs Right Wing and Drug Companies, Dumps Anti-Union Proposal"

*"Defeat Persuades Governor to Drop Fight With Safe-Staffing Ratios Benefiting Patients"


 *"Smart Coalitions Target Extremist Delegates and Prevail"

          Washington State

                *"Backers of Transportation Plan Beat Giveback Measure, Win Special Election"

 *"When Hating Government Boomerangs"


National Trends

*Even in '04 Ballot Losses, Pro-Gay Coalitions Show Strength with Educated Voters and Those Blessed by Firsthand Familiarity

*An Analysis Tracking Progress on Referenda in the Past 15 Years


*"Legislators Back Gay Rights and -- Survive"


*"Negative Campaign Ads Leave Bad Taste in Springfieldians' Mouths"

North Carolina

*"Nov. 2 Election Actually a Victory"

Minnesota and Iowa

*"Incumbents Who Attack Gay Rights Lose More Races"

"Report Finds Incumbents Chances of Re-Election Unharmed by Voting Against Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment"


*"No Stranger in the Kingdom"

New Hampshire

*"NH Proved Democrats Can Win An Election On Moral Values"
        State Senate


*"Haitian-American Wins House Seat; Victory Hailed"

*"Same Sex Marriage Ban Loses Ground"

*"Gay Lobby's Clout Seen in Incumbent's Primary Loss"


*"Dems Gain in Hidden Election"


*"Teachers Key to Democrat Weinstein's Ousting Mercer Island State Senator"

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*"A Moral Minimum Wage"