March 6, 2008

Howard Dean
Democratic National Comte.
430 S. Capitol St. SE,

Washington DC 20003

Dear Chairman Dean:
The attached letter was sent to various media contacts and Governors Granholm and Crist. It is very important that you take a strong stand to end the dispute over the pledged delegates to the party convention from Florida and Michigan.

Without your informed and decisive voice, an efficient and fair outcome to the ongoing dispute may not be possible. 
One candidate for president cannot simply claim the delegates of Florida and Michigan after state officials disregarded the directives of the Democratic Party. Nor can party officials ignore the voters and delegates of Florida and Michigan.
A vote-by-mail election is safe, cost-effective, inclusive, and legitimate. I urge you to explore this option for conducting bona fide primaries in my home state of Michigan and in Florida, where state leaders have already recommended this route.
Please let me know if you have any question in this regard.
In Solidarity,

Hans Johnson
President, Progressive Victory