Big Intolerance, Incorporated

Most Americans believe that religious organizations should bring communities together and contribute to our quality of life in a pluralistic democracy. But under the cloak of Christianity, these leaders peddle prejudice -- against gay people, immigrants, members of other faiths, and working people. Christ said, "In as much as you have done unto the least of these my brothers, you have done unto me."
Still, they profit handsomely from advocating intolerance and unfairness.











James Dobson
Focus on the Family
Material sales to his own organization: $699,382

Don Wildmon
Chairman and CEO,
American Family Association
Total compensation: $106,567 2

Jay Sekulow
Chief Counsel,
American Center for Law & Justice
: $600,000 3







Bill Bennett
Washington Fellow,
The Claremont Institute
Salary: $200,0006


Robert Knight
Concerned Women for America
Total compensation: $112,7915


Gary Bauer
American Values
Compensation & expenses: $895,331 4

Ralph Reed
Century Strategies
Earnings: $4,200,0007









Pete LaBarbera
Executive Director,
Illinois Family Institute
Salary: $86,9058


Phil Burress
Citizens for Community Values
Total compensation: $165,694 9

Pat Robertson
Christian Broadcasting Network
Net worth: $155,000,000 10







Roberta Combs
Christian Coalition
Salary: $120,000 1

Lou Sheldon
Traditional Values Coalition
Total compensation: $72, 512 1







Alan Sears
President & CEO
Alliance Defense Fund
Total compensation: $274,593 1


Alan Chambers
Exodus International
Total compensation: $56,032 1











Scripture passage comes from Matthew 25:40.

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