Progressive Victory helps leaders, organizations, and coalitions achieve
their goals by providing strategic guidance and proven tools in four areas.


Database matching and voter-contact strategies unleash greater power from your list. We bring these safe and effective technologies to you with the integrity, background, and training to assure you make the most of them.


Better data about members and supporters and strategic appeals to existing and potential contributors will bolster your fund-raising and expand your list. Organizations great or small, local or national, stand only to gain from  increasing their efficiency and expanding their lists. 


We have extensive experience developing clear and concise messages for campaigns, organizations, and coalitions. We craft, test, hone, apply, evaluate, and adjust to help you win, with bona fide measures of success.


We help organizations identify allies, target policy-makers for progressive policy goals, and fuse their strength with broader coalitions. The results? Incremental gains, legislative and electoral breakthroughs, and sustainable social and economic progress.



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