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List Enhancement Testimonials

When it comes to nonprofits, the choice is between begging or building power. If you're satisfied with begging, don't enhance your list. But if you want to build power, list enhancement is an essential tool.
–James Dickson, American Association of People with Disabilities, Washington, DC

List enhancement is an extremely convenient way to get out the vote. It allows a more in-depth process for voting by helping organizations and coalitions integrate and measure their lobbying and voter contact work.
–Roger Harris, Board Member, New England Chapter, Paralyzed Veterans of America

Getting our list enhanced helped us measure the impact of our nonpartisan voter turnout work in recent elections. And it showed us exactly where our supporters live and which officials are responsible for representing them.
Jeanne Geraci, Voces de la Frontera, Milwaukee

As a completely volunteer advocacy organization, we found the information supplied through the list enhancement services provided by Progressive Victory a tremendous benefit to us. Nowhere else could we, in one easy process, obtain such valuable data on our organization's members. It makes us a more effective collective voice for our cause and greatly assists us in mobilizing and spurring our members to action.
–Bruce Becker, Empire State Passengers Association, Syracuse

Even paying a low rate for list enhancement was a major decision for our nonprofit. But it was an investment that really paid off, and continues to do so. Our board members saw who our voters are, and we made personalized appeals to them. That's how we met the majority of our 5-figure challenge donation. We used the service to revive an out-of-date list of 600, whom we contacted and gained 50 new members. And we relied on the district information to mobilize supporters in a few targeted places to stop an anti-bike action by public officials. So this new data has helped us be a stronger voice on every front.
–Patty Vinyard, St. Louis Regional Bike Federation, Missouri

Leaders of disability organizations are very, very excited to see the additional data about their own list and to realize how important it is, in and of itself. They also see how important their lists are in the aggregate, in terms of building the collective power of our community.
–James Deboer, Rhode Island Disability Vote Project

The updates for my campaign list that I obtained through Progressive Victory were timely, thorough, and effective. They allowed me to reach and mobilize my most loyal supporters, who were also indispensable in turning out people in their communities for other progressive candidates in Ohio. And being able to access an updated version of the voter file allowed me to know the new voters and most reliable voters among my constituents. As a result, in a nonpresidential election, I was actually able to widen my margin of support. The strong campaign and wave of support we helped unleash lifted other candidates running statewide. Thank you, Progressive Victory!
–Kenny Yuko, Democratic State Representative, Cleveland, Ohio

Thank you for the great training and for your investment of time and resources into Maine's progressive community.
     Not only did the training cover the data interpretation with ease, but you really expanded our horizons as to what this information can be used for and can help us achieve in coordination with other groups.
Thanks not only for a great product in the enhanced list, but also for helping us to maximize its use.
–Sarah Standiford, Maine Women's Policy Center, Maine  

List enhancement allowed us to be proactive for the first time in targeting our voter registration and turnout. We worked effectively with seven state partners, reaching thousands of voters. And we have momentum for doing even more in coming years.
Ana Acton, FREED, Grass Valley, California

Getting new addresses, phones, and districts for our list has galvanized our members and opened the eyes and ears of policy makers to our goals. And through contact with Progressive Victory, we have put new ideas into place regarding our own and peer organizations' ability to lobby and add capacity. Our network of passenger-rail advocates and supporters of people-oriented transportation will never be the same. With the growing respect we are creating for ourselves, we can make a decent living and help move a progressive agenda forward.
–Dominic Liberatore, Consultant, Transportation Policy & Organizing, Cleveland, Ohio

This program really rocks. The demographic analysis for our constituency and online database are very impressive and vitally useful.
–Robert Blackmon, Vote For Equality, California

We integrated the list-enhancement data last week and are really impressed. It has already helped us with our communications and fundraising and has multiple benefits.
–Rajat Dutta, Horizons Foundation, California

List enhancement allowed Equality California to build a broad-based state movement and voter contact program. The project provided an indispensable tool for building coalitions with our allied organizations while making each of us stronger and smarter.
     Because of the data we received from list enhancement, we were able to raise funds and send a targeted vote-by-mail ballot to increase our members' participation in the electoral process. We are indebted to them. And we are excited about the power and information we now have available to us.
–Equality California, California

National groups are praising list enhancement as well. Gamaliel, the multi-state interfaith economic-justice organization, has called list enhancement "a boost for our program to build the organization and raise the voice of our constituents and their communities."